Hair Growth Stimulation

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Hair can be an important factor when it comes to an individuals self confidence.  For too many of us, hair loss can drastically reduce our social skills and make us paranoid. For those people who have suffered from alopecia or simply received a bad experience at the hairdressers – there is a proven method to speed up the growth period and increase thickness! Scalp stimulation.

It has been proven that massaging your scalp stimulates the hair follicles and roots and in turn increases blood circulation to the scalp, which effectively promotes the rate of hair growth. It is important to remember that when you are massaging the scalp that you must do it gently and tenderly as tugging on the hair too hard, or vigorously massaging the scalp, will eventually cause the opposite to what you are looking to do and ultimately damage the roots.

Hair Growth

There are some simple methods which you can use to implement this stimulation process into your life. For instance washing your hair cleanses you of oils, gel products and dandruff which work against hair growth and slow it down. Whilst you are washing your hair with shampoo, use your fingertips to gently massage the lotion into your scalp. Be careful not to dig your nails into your scalp.

There have been studies which have shown that the use of natural oils is just as effective as high street products which are on the market today. For those of you who simply cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on hair growth lotions then this may be the best approach for you. Using something as simple as coconut oil can be a very cost effective method of ridding your hair of dandruff and promote hair growth by providing nourishment to damaged hair. Thyme oil is another way of promoting hair growth as it cultivates blood circulation to the scalp by the combined use of massage and it also provides your hair with a glimmering shine. Rosemary oil is another option however it is not advised for those of you with blonde hair as it has the potential to darken your colour.

For those of you who are opposed to the idea of using natural stimulating methods then there is the option of using specially designed combs which are available on the market at affordable prices. These types of combs have claimed to have proven results with regards to hair growth. They use three beams of light and combine it with a massage function which in turn increases hair growth, strength, quality and also prevents hair loss.  There are others brushes on the market which can simply be used in the shower and have special soft comb teeth which massage the scalp.

A lot of people are afraid of brushing, as they fear they may lose their hair in the process. If done correctly, brushing can be an effective method of how to stimulate hair growth. You may notice that when you brush wet hair you lose what looks like it could be a full head of hair. This is because hair becomes more fragile when damp, (especially when you have used a conditioner) thus making it vulnerable to breakage.


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Hair Growth Tips

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So you want that full head of hair to knock years off your appearance? Well your first task is to throw away your hats because they’re simply not helping! Wearing a hat all the time will withdraw blood circulation from your scalp, cause extreme damage to your hair follicles and in the end provide you with that thinning-on-top appearance which you are trying so desperately to avoid!

The average rate of growth for hair is half an inch a month. This obviously varies depending on an individuals lifestyle and genetic make up (no one person is the same!)

However there are tips and tricks which can contribute to hair growth as well as mistakes people make which obstruct hair growth.

I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a major hindrance towards hair growth– Alcohol! Excessive amounts of alcohol can cause an increase in estrogen. A rise in estrogen levels is one of the biggest contributing factors towards hair loss in men and women.  Large amounts of alcohol will also sap your body of zinc which is a fundamental element for preserving a healthy head of hair. I’m not suggesting you never touch another drop of alcohol again, instead just consume it in moderation if you are serious about keeping your hair and health.


A healthy lifestyle speaks for itself. If you have a healthy lifestyle then hair growth will be encouraged. This doesn’t necessarily mean you must join a gym in order to have a healthy head of hair. Instead just 30 minutes of light activity everyday can really make a huge difference. Not only will you notice an increase in your hair but your pants will fit better too which can only be a plus!

Let’s use the analogy of a car – it requires specific components such as oil and petrol for it to function. The same can be said for hair growth, it requires nutrients such as protein and iron and a lack of this essential sustenance will eventually cause hair loss. You will be surprised how far a balanced diet can go.

If you use hair gel, try and remember to wash it out at the end of the day. Hair gels make your hair dry and strip it of keratin which is an essential factor within hair growth.  There are several cases where men have shown thinning from the use of hair gel over years.


If you can’t wait for your hair to grow then extensions might seem like the answer to all of your problems. The glue-in kind can be especially damaging to your hair, as they can rip out large chunks of your hair at the roots. A little known fact is that clip-in extensions can be just as damaging as the glue-in ones, as the metal clips are not good for everyday use and can cause unnecessary damage to your hair. If you really feel like you have to use extensions try to limit your usage to special occasions as in the long run they can only cause more damage to your hair and its growth.


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Vitamins for Hair Growth

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One of the most important factors in the health and growth of your hair is making sure that you are receiving the correct vitamins to aid it. There are many different types which can encourage hair growth and dramatically slow the hairs seemingly unstoppable thinning process.  There are different ways to get these vitamins into your body, either by diet or by more artificial means – taking supplements and vitamins in tablet form.

If you would rather go down the diet root then there are several types of food that can be hugely beneficial to your hair and scalp. A major player in providing nutrients is the humble carrot. Rich in vitamin A, carrots contribute to a healthy scalp and hair that is strengthened and nourished. Green peas are another vegetable well suited to improving hair health. They have a high level of zinc and iron, not to mention other B group vitamins, so not only ill they do wonders for your hair, your skin will be nourished as well. Other brilliant sources of iron are cous cous, liver, seaweed, prunes, beetroot and dark green, leafy vegetables, so make sure plenty of these are incorporated into your diet.  If you don’t eat them already then oats are a very important produce that you should consider. They contain omega-six fatty acids which are vital to maintain healthy hair and skin and so should also be a vital component of your diet.  Iodine is another vital integral part of diet to help hair growth. This can be injected into your body with the use of strawberries, cows’ milk and boiled eggs.

If you’re less inclined to change your diet to help out with hair problems then you can always go down the artificial route.  Not so many heath benefits, but still providing you with important vitamins to get the job done. Pantothenic acid, otherwise known as vitamin B5 is a very good one to consider. Tests in mice showed that a deficiency in pantothenic acid led to loss of hair colour and strength so now the vitamin is included in many human hair care products, but obviously this will be more beneficial to you if you take the supplement directly providing a higher dosage.  Folic acid is also recommended as it lends itself to cell growth, greatly improving the speed at which your hair will grow and how strong it will be. Although folic acid is easily taken in with vitamin supplements, if you prefer the dietary method, you can do this by eating nuts and soybeans. Soymilk is also a good replacement for cows’ milk.

There are a great many supplements you can take to enable quicker hair growth and re-growth. If you really want to help then there are many simple steps you can take and with such a wide range of options available that wont set you back too much in the way of money, then there is really nothing stopping you. If you make a few small changes to your diet or simply take a couple of vitamin tablets a day you can feel assured that you are doing your bit to help you hair along in its journey.


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